About us


We are a group of local people who have been brought together by Martyn Hyde from EatMe Cafe with the aim of feeding the most vulnerable people in our town during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Martyn Hyde, who owns the cafe with husband Stephen Dinaro, has enlisted the help of at least 16 other businesses to help him make and distribute food to those in need while the country is in lockdown.

“It is early days but we have to do something to turn a negative into a positive. We are in real need of funds, just £4 buys a meal for a vulnerable person, please help.” he said.


Can I donate food?

All food that is within its use-by date and unopened can be donated. Please do not leave your house to make the donation, let us know you have food and we will contact you.


Can I donate money?

Yes please! There is a donate button on our main page. Money donated goes towards food for people who need it, containers and expenses like petrol and PPE for our volunteers.


Can I cook for you?

While it would be lovely if everyone could open their kitchens for us, I’m afraid we cannot accept all offers of help. At such a critical time, we have to make sure all food we give to vulnerable people is made in controlled environments. If you have surplus food however, we will gladly take this off your hands! If you have a commercial kitchen, which is registered with SBC, please contact us on info@communitykitchenscarborough.co.uk


Can I deliver for you?

All our deliveries are managed through Age UK – please sign up as a volunteer with them to deliver our food. https://www.ageuk.org.uk/scarboroughanddistrict/get-involved/volunteer/

Can I get food delivered?

If you are a vulnerable person or cannot leave the house due to isolation, please contact SBC on 01723 379058


I’m allergic to something, can you help me?

Please mention your needs when you contact SBC on 01723 379058


How will my contact details be used?

Any personal details shared with CKS will be kept securely until after the pandemic and then destroyed. We will not share these details with other parties.



If you need help, information or to volunteer please get in touch with Scarborough and Filey Covid-19 Community response:
Tel: 01723 379058
Email: scarbcomsupp2020@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.me/sfcr2020
online form: bit.ly/2Uswzch