Current Partners and Volunteer Expertise

Scarborough Community Kitchen is a community organisation set up to provide food for vulnerable people during the Coronavirus pandemic. We provide food parcels and chilled meals to vulnerable individuals, for example those in isolation or people with disabilities or mobility issues, in addition to supporting Scarborough Hospital, Overdale School, the Rainbow Centre and the Salvation Army. All of our individual referrals come from Age UK as part of the Scarborough Covid Relief hub. Scarborough Community Kitchen relies on donations from members of the public, in addition to the support of multiple businesses and residents of Scarborough, you can see them on our partners page. It is run by a small group of local people.
Community links and signposting access to people in need: Scarborough and Ryedale Carers’ Resource, Stephen Joseph Theatre outreach team. Securing premises and providing food service: renowned  local restaurateurs from Eat Me Cafe, The Green Room and The Cowshed.  Platform to raise public awareness, encourage volunteering and raise funds to sustain the service: website and social media platform built by Scarborough Digital, press and PR by Turnstone Media
Advice on logistics and structure: Compassion London.